Music Shops in Plymouth

Find the best places in Plymouth to buy music equipment.

Now, having searched high and low for the best guitar shops in Plymouth, we know how difficult it is to find a guitar shop that can cater for all our needs at the right price.

To stop you from having to go through this palaver yourselves, we've compiled a list of the best guitar shops in Plymouth. Take a look.


Retroville, located in Fairbairn House, Higher Lane, Plymouth, PL1 2AN, specializes in pickups to help guitar players to find their perfect retro guitar tone. Formed by Steve Baker, who has always been looking to achieve the sound from decades before, this shop is fully packed with pickups by TV Jones. If something that you were looking for is currently out of stock, Retroville’s friendly staff will be able to order any TV Jones product for you. For left handed players they can offer a left-handed wiring harness. Just speak to a member of staff for more information.


Soundunlimited specializes in a number of different makes and instruments. Electric guitar players should look elsewhere for their instruments, as Sound Unlimited stocks mainly acoustic guitars. It also has a very limited number of makes, so be sure to carefully have a look at their website before you visit the shop. Nevertheless, it won Orange Amps dealer of the month, so if you want a classic-British valve tone, this may be the shop for you. For a closer look, go down to 127 Embankment Road, Plymouth PL4 9JD today.


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